Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Birthday Cards 2017

Today is my 33rd birthday. My family always gives me cards for my birthday and this year is no exception! This is just a quick post with a photo to actually get it posted on my birthday, will have more detail soon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


There is nobody in my age group who doesn't love holograms, it seems. I sure do! I was only able to get 4 this time, but I was able to complete a set of them with this COMC order!

My favorite is this Captain Marvel card from 1993 DC Cosmic Teams. Captain Marvel is one of my all-time favorite super heroes. This hologram particularly pops!

From 1992 Impel DC Comics comes the Flash. This one didn't scan as well. Interestingly, despite being two separate sets with two different titles, from two different publishers (Impel and Skybox) the numbering continues from the 1992 to the 1993 set. All told, I now have 4 of the 16 DC holograms from these two sets.

1992 Country Classics is a 100-card release from Collect-A-Card, that, naturally, is all country music. I completed the set not long ago (either last year or earlier this year, I don't recall) and these two holograms are the only inserts- neither of which showed up in my partial box I procured back in 2010. I nabbed them both to make the complete series in one easy step!

Monday, October 16, 2017


I didn't get too many NASCAR relics this time but I did get a few.
I don't have many "triple threat" cards for NASCAR, and tried to change that. But for some reason they tend to be more expensive on COMC than NBA or NHL auto/relic/SN combos. So I was only able to add this one.
 This one has something I've never seen before on a relic card...the glue holding it in place is starting to come through the card. Once I noticed that it went back in a penny sleeve.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

NBA Relics

Various game used items from the NBA. Some are pretty spectacular if I don't say so myself...
 Like that one...I actually had to be talked into this one because it was higher than I usually like to go for one card...I don't like to go double digits for a single card (especially when there are so many cheap ones I want) but this amazing patch got me. It's also my first card from the set, and is SN15/25. It wasn't the only spectacular Warriors patch I picked up, though...
That's a big chunk of the D from his name on the back of the jersey. Cool! It's not game worn (neither is the McCaw), both come from the Rookie Photo Shoot. That's just fine with me...and it also means that there's a pretty high likelyhood of the jersey being the same one worn in the photographs on the actual card, although not a guarantee because it's known that the players do wear multiple jerseys at the event, many with the specific intent to put on cards. I got some other patches too...
This is actually my first Knicks patch. I think. The back states that the Malik Rose patch is also from a Knicks jersey, but I don't think it is. Color wise it looks more like Heat or Bulls. Neither of which he played for, ever. I wonder if it's a mistake on UD's part...or perhaps some sort of special jersey I don't know about, because I was pretty much totally away from the game in 2008-09. Interestingly, both Malik Rose and Jerome James's careers ended before this card was issued.
 Sorry madding, this will NOT be in my next mailing to you, this one is for me! Both pieces are patches, although the Outlaw is single color.
I love the bright colors the Hawks wear, appearing a neon greenish yellow on TV. I wanted to see what they looked like in person, and this card fit the bill pretty darn well, I'd say. The bottom patch has a little bit of white- telling me that it is probably from the lettering, but I don't know if it's his name or the team name. I'd wager that his name on the back is more likely.

I got some non-patch jersey cards as well...
First from the set, and it shows the Nets alternate better than any other card I have.
I don't have a lot of hat cards. It's actually shiny silver.

 Had no idea this Target-exclusive set existed. I am a big fan of Throwback jerseys so had to get my hands on this one. Harrison didn't pan out...last I knew he was working at a McDonald's. Some former players own fast food restaurants (Vin Baker, Jamal Mashburn come to mind) but he was the fry cook. Sad.
I still can't believe the Nets traded him. What an incredibly stupid thing to do. Not going to be much fun watching the Nets this year or for the foreseeable future. I will, because they are my team. but ugh. He was the last player left from the New Jersey era, as well.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vintage non-sport Cards

I love the old time tobacco cards. While I feel sports cards reached their peak years in the early 1990s, non-sports cards' glory years were before World War II. I didn't pick up many but I did add a couple. Presented in chronological order of release.
1910 American Tobacco Company Fish Series. My first card from the set, I didn't really think a lobster was a fish but what do I know. I've always been a fan of lobsters...every time I see them in the tank at the grocery store I want to buy them all and release them back into the ocean. I have a Soverign back here.

Think Topps Now/Panini Instant is a new concept? Think again. This set, from the American Tobacco Company, issued two new cards a day in the early days of World War I, in 1914-15. This is the 219th card in the series, and features a painted photograph of the Russian Artillery. The condition is poor, but I don't mind. My first card of the series.This is a Sweet Caporal back.

 1929 Player's Hidden Beauties. Believe it or not this is my 6th card from this set! I never would have imagined I'd ever be able to build a set from 1929...or that I'd have completed an older one...but as it turns out vintage non-sports cards are actually very affordable if you know where to look. With only 30 cards in this set, I'm starting to think I might one day actually complete it.
 1936 Player's International Air Liners. This "feels" like a Player card, but there is no marking as to manufacturer at all. That seems odd because all my other Player cards are clearly marked as such, but there's a LOT more I don't know about the era than I do. This is my first card from the set.
 1939 Player's Modern Naval Craft. My first card from the set. I've never been on a boat ride, but as I've mentioned before, I love ships
 1942 Gum, Inc. War Gum #85. My 9th card from the set, which I've posted about before. I had no idea this set existed until I found some for sale. Her name is Liudmila Pavlichenko. She had an interesting life, and was the first person from the Soviet Union to visit the White House.
1950 Topps Freedom's War. One of the military history sets that I was missing from my collection, I had to add a card from it...COMC did not have many and most I felt were a bit overpriced for condition (IE, Dean's Cards style) but this one was not. I do wish Topps had not put the caption on crooked, but it's a minor quibble. Since I got this one, there have been a LOT of cards from the set posted to COMC...over 300 listings at the time of my writing this, August 20th. When I bought this card there were, I think, less than 10, but it was back in 2016 sometime so I don't remember for sure. Many of the new listings are much better price wise and I will probably pick up a few more in time. Most of the cards in the set feature drawings but this one is an actual photograph.

And that's all for this post. Still a few more from the COMC order to go. Hopefully there will be more vintage non-sport in the near future.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Racing Champions Cards

I discovered that COMC actually has Racing Champions cards a while back, and I picked up a few I needed this time.
 1989 Davey Allison
 1990 Dale Earnhardt
 1990 Rusty Wallace. This car/card caused quite a stink in 1990. RC issued it with the proper Miller Genuine Draft sponsorship but people with nothing better to do with their life whined about it so they censored all the beer sponsored cards after that.
In 1994 and 1995 Racing Champions and Maxx worked together to issue the To the Maxx series. There were five series of cars (all using the Chrome technology) and one series of Trucks, which were printed on clear plastic with a pinkish sheen. Unfortunately...the truck cards have gotten sticky over the years, as did the 1995 Crown Chrome set using the same technology. They are some of the few cards I actually store in plastic, this was scanned through the penny sleeve it arrived in.

Just because it's cool, here's the back of the card. Skinner would win the 1995 Truck Championship.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

A hidden milestone - my 1000th autograph

I'm always working on documenting my collection. It's a never-ending project, and I don't want it to ever end, because to be honest, it's sometimes my favorite part. I'm constantly trying to come up with some new thing to make a list of, and I try to create one new stat per year- although I have not been able to maintain that for several years now as I have not been able to think of anything new for a while now.

Until this week. Sort of. I've been talking about figuring out how many autographed, relic and serial numbered cards I have in my collection for over a year. While I'm unashamedly a base card fanatic, I collect everything. If it exists, I want it, at least for my three sports and some aspects of non-sports. Nor do I turn down other sports I don't actively collect either.

I finally did it. I'm not sure it's entirely accurate- for the college basketball cards I had to count my scans, as I don't care about them enough to remember or even make a list. If I have not gotten around to scanning them all yet, then the number's off. But I'm going to treat it like it's accurate.

As it turns out, I hit my 1000th autograph card in August, when my COMC order arrived...which included a bunch of autographs I got because they were cheap and I didn't have them. (My favorite way to buy cards!)

This turned out to be the 1000th:
Interesting that it turned out to be an NHL autograph as I only began collecting the NHL earlier this year. I only have 15 NHL autos in my collection- 12 of which came in this same COMC order- which I had been building before I even began watching the NHL! The NBA leads by a VERY wide margin.
I have 790 in my NBA collection. I have been making a conscious effort to add more to my collection via COMC- I had been buying base cards on there but several times I got them there and then got duplicates out of repacks- so I have now decided to focus on things I am not likely to get in repacks when I get COMC money. Meaning autographs, relics, serially numbered, regional promos and vintage. Of course, money has been tight in 2017 and I have not done a single NBA repack...the longest I've gone since I returned to the NBA in 2012. (I've been getting NHL ones instead since I have so few NHL cards, but I've only done two all of 2017) Think of that more as what I'd like to do than actually doing...I have 8 cents in my COMC account, and have for weeks now.

I started collecting autographs in 1994. My first were NASCAR, although I no longer remember which came first, I got two from the 1994 Maxx Autographs set around the same time, in 1994, and I didn't keep any sort of records until 1998, so that, unfortunately, has been lost to history. It was one of these two:

 But I have no idea which one.

The number does include the only TTM auto I've ever gotten- which I will devote a post to at some point.

Here's the complete breakdown of everything in my least as close as I can make it! I forgot that I had the one Indy autograph until after I had made the Excel chart and didn't want to have to redo the math coding I had already set up on Excel, LOL. You know I'm not going to do any actual math, of course! :)
I have less relics than I thought I did, with a total of 2149. It must seem like more since they are so thick. Serially numbered cards are a major addiction of mine, and they top out at 4277 cards. With how often I chase them on COMC and elsewhere, I will probably hit 5000 of them in circa 2020. You can be sure I'll post about it, but by then I'll drag out the college cards and make sure the count is accurate, lol. Those numbers do include some duplication. A Triple threat card is counted in each chart, for example.

The real test is if I can remember to keep this chart accurate, I have a tendency of making lists and then not updating them again for a long time. It's a major character flaw I've tried to fix, but keep failing. I guess in the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal but it drives me nuts.

As an aside, I think the Devils are going to be a lot better this year than the predictions I have seen. I was watching them when I began this post, but the game has since ended. Nico Hischier is going to be a legend (Even if I have not learned how to spell his name yet!), and Will Butcher looks like the real deal too. I know one game and 2 pre-season games is not enough to judge on, but I would not be at all surprised if they are in the playoffs this year.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Hometown Hero: Baseball Hall of Famer Dan Brouthers

My little home town, Wappingers Falls, NY, is not a hotbed of athletes. Not a single one was born here, but some consider(ed) it home. We've never sent a single person to the NBA, NHL, NFL or NASCAR. We do have a professional soccer player and a professional boxer and another MLB player, who, now that I became aware of them in the research of this post, may get future Hometown Hero posts if I can track down a card of them.

We have had an MLB Hall of Famer, though. That would be Dan Brouthers, who, while he was not born here, did apparently consider it home.(Born Sylvan Lake NY)

This monument of him is on our main road through the village.
This monument is in walking distance of my house, I took this photo on June 17th of this year. He is also buried here but the cemetery is private, one of three in town, not the one my dad is in.

Since I became aware of him (by passing this monument on a walk several years ago), I've wanted to add a card of him to my collection, but his vintage cards are rare and expensive. His playing career was 1879-96, with a comeback in 1904. Not like Topps was around back then! Luckily, he was included in Panini's Cooperstown Collection, and that allowed me to add this card of him:
2013 Panini Cooperstown Green Shard #13
He is depicted here as a member of the Detroit Wolverines, a team he played for from 1886-1888, which is coincidentally exactly 100 years before I began collecting cards. The team folded in 1888, a year after winning the championship. He would join the Boston Beaneaters the following year, and other teams...but the Beaneaters name cracks me up so I had to work it in somehow. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1945 by the Veterans Committee. I'm not really too knowledgeable about baseball statistics, but according to his Wikipedia page he is considered the first great hitter in the game's history. He was a 4 time National League batting champion, two time NL Home Run leader, and two time NL RBI leader. I don't really have a good frame of reference for what that means or where the 2296 hits and 106 home runs stand in the all-time scheme of things, hopefully one of my baseball centric readers can educate me some in the comments.

I hope to have more cards of him to show in the future, perhaps someday I will be able to find a lifetime issue I can afford. He has plenty of modern cards available on COMC and I plan to add a few more to my collection at some point. I'm going to do a little more research and see if I can find out more about his time in Wappingers Falls, if I am successful, expect future posts about him.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

5 Years Ago Today

Is when I truly joined the Trading Card Database! Although my registration date is in 2011, I didn't really do anything with the site other than use it for checklist purposes, as I went through scanning my collection for my own website.

I don't remember what changed, but October 5th, 2012 is when I started entering my collection and my scans. Since that time, there is not a day that has gone by that I have not been on there...not counting when I was in the hospital in 2013, coming to within literally 5 minutes of dying. The Database is now my home page, and the first thing I check every day- even before I check my Facebook page.

The Database has played a major role in my life, as well. When I started entering my collection, I was not collecting the the NBA. That seems so hard to believe, but I had left the sport in 2006- something I now consider one of, if not THE, biggest mistake(s) of my life. When I was going through my paper listings entering my collection, it brought back a lot of great memories, and soon I was back collecting full time. That would not have happened if I did not join there, most likely, although I had started watching the sport again before then.

More recently, I got into NHL because of a forum thread there. When the Golden Knights announced their logo last year, there was a thread about it. I wanted to see the logo, so I put NHL Network on my tv, and I got hooked! By the end of the show (Actually, about three of four airings of the show) I was an NHL fan, and now it's a part of every day of my life...and of course, I am now collecting NHL cards as well. To celebrate the anniversary, I'm going to open some hockey cards I purchased last month.

Cardboard History is also a direct result of my membership there. I hadn't read any card blogs, in fact I didn't know the concept even existed, before I started reading the ones that show up on the right side of the page there. I began reading them in either late 2013 or early 2014, and I finally decided, in November 2014, to start my own. It's been pretty darn rewarding. to say the least, and I've got people I consider friends now that I met via the blog.

My current main project would not have been possible if I had not joined there...for my entire time in the hobby, I've been a set collector. It's just how I think, anything else seems foreign and wrong, lol. But nowadays it's pretty much impossible to build sets like I prefer, so I'm focusing on getting at least one card of every person who got a card for the NBA, NASCAR, and now, NHL. I figured out who was missing from my collection by literally clicking on every single name that I was not sure was in my collection or not. I couldn't just go through the list of names because of the college and other non-NBA people that have cards, I had to actually look at each listing and see if they were NBA people or not. Then, when I finished the NBA, I did racing in the same way. Eventually, when I have more of a collection built up, I'll do the same for the NHL.

In my five years I've posted 70,802 front scans, 71,282 back scans, 3080 checklists, 699 box images, 595 pack images and 68 ads. I've earned 233,188 points in that time! I've contributed something to every single category, several of which saw me buy cards with the specific intent to be able to post them there, which, it turned out, all I could do was the packs themselves- the cards were already done! (Yeah, I didn't research it at all, LOL!)

When I joined, the completed Non-Sport galleries were a single page, around 20 sets if I remember correctly. Now, it's thousands. Basketball was only on two pages, if that much, and I can't recall how many pages racing took up in the Gallery, but I think it was one. All that's not something I can take credit for - though I have certainly contributed- but it shows how much the site has grown in the last 5 years.

I've also been on the receiving end of a significant amount of kindness...for the past couple years, I've gotten more cards as gifts from friends in the hobby or in trades than I've purchased for myself. Where else do you find people with that kind of kindness? the world needs more people like card people. I've also pulled off some big trades- this coming Saturday I'll be shipping out my second trade where more than 1000 cards change hands in both directions, both of which with members there. I've been trading online since the year 2000 so that's a pretty big deal.

It is, for sure, the greatest card site on the internet. Better than my own- both of my own- by such a wide margin it's incalculable. I plan to be there for as long as I live, although sometime next year, I'm going to run out of cards that need scans! It doesn't matter, it won't stop me from finding something on there to do.

Modified a post I made on the forum there to get this post. Mostly I had to change "here" to "there" but some wording was changed as well

Sunday, October 1, 2017

NBA Oddballs

What card collector doesn't love oddballs? I don't know of any, including myself. In this order from COMC, I made an effort to chase oddballs. In almost all cases, I was able to add only one card from each set. Presented here in chronological order of release.

1972-73 Icee Bear. These are much larger than I expected- it's sometimes hard to tell in scans. The cards are 3x5, and about the same thickness as an index card.
 1980-81 Pepsi Phoenix Suns. This is a 12 card set and I had no idea it existed before I discovered it for sale. Extra bonus: this is the only card Mike Niles ever got! He's a true One Hit Wonder. And he's not the only one...Johnny High also has his only card in this set. It's something I'll have to add at some point. In researching this post I discovered there is also an 1981-82 set, and there is one player (Joel Kramer) who has cards in both sets...but none others. Adding one of them, preferably 1981-82 to get that different set, is now on my To Do list.
 1982-83 Denver Nuggers Police, the only card he ever got.
 1982-83 Portland Trail Blazers Police. I don't know if it's his only card or not, (edit after original post: it's  not) but it's my first card of him. It's also my first card from the 1982-83 season, the most recent NBA season without a major card release. Topps quit after 1981-82, and Star didn't start until 1983-84. There were some promos issued that year, including these two Police sets, possibly others, and a BASF set for the Lakers that is gigantic, full page size. I don't have any of them, although I would like to. This year is very much the missing link for the modern NBA, and I'm thrilled to finally add some to my collection. I've known these regional promos existed since before I took my break from the NBA in 2006, but back then I didn't have any access to them.
 1988-89 Bud Light Dallas Mavericks...a set I didn't know existed until I found it for sale on COMC.
1988-89 Denver Nuggets Police. Not as exciting as the other two Police cards, because there are other cards from 1988-89 and of Jerome Lane in my collection, it's still a regional promo I didn't have represented in my collection. I do wish the Police sets were standard card size, or even 1969-70 Topps size, because they are going to be hard to store.
 Pepsi again, this time across the country in Orlando for the Magic's debut season. This is only an 8 card set, and has no one hit wonders. I chose Michael Ansley because he didn't get too many cards. I'm not sure what the purpose of these was intended to be, but the back has a wide bottom border saying "Glue in this area". Thankfully nobody did that to this card. Oddly enough, one of the cards is the Magic's original Mascot Stuff the Magic Dragon...and as I'm typing this, Peter, Paul & Mary's Puff the Magic Dragon is playing on my "radio"...actually my smart phone.

1989-90 Franz Portland Trail Blazers. Franz has been commissioning cards for the Blazers for years. Starting at least in the Star era, and going until at least the early 2000s. This is my first from any year! Produced by Fleer, the design- particularly on the back- and the cardstock screams Star. The cards were packed in with bread (I think) and the white border is stained because of it.

 1990-91 Smokey Seattle SuperSonics. This is a 16 card set I had no idea existed until I literally paged through every page trying to find oddballs and regionals (before I figured out an easier way!). It includes two One Hit Wonders, in Kip Motta and Dick Kloppenberg, both assistant coaches. Kip Motta, I believe, is the son of Dick Motta, a longtime NBA coach. It does, however, invalidate my first One Hit Wonder post, because Scott Meents has a card in the set, which I was not aware of when I wrote up my post about him in 2015. These cards are not particularly expensive so tracking down the Kloppenberg might not be too hard.
 1990-91 Star Equal Chicago Bulls The Silver Season. I've been aware of this regional promo for many years and now I finally have a copy. This set tends to run higher priced due to the presence of Jordan and Pippen both being in the set.

 1996-97 Sprite. This drink-based set uses the design of the 1996-97 Fleer flagship, but has no foil and a different card stock, which scans poorly. I did not have any of the 41 cards, and so I chose Kerry Kittles as he was the only Net in the set.

 If you collected the NBA in the late 1990s, you remember the NBA Wrapper Rebound which was a mostly purple three-part foldout that featured an image of Shaq flying through the air holding cards while the ground he burst out of is littered with cards...I know I scanned it but it appears the scan was lost to my remote hard drive crash. It was inserted in literally every pack from multiple card brands. Well, I never took part in it...I save my empty card packs. I finally, 20 years later, got the prize cards from that multi-brand promotion. All three brands were represented, with Fleer getting both Ultra and Z-Force into the set. The Topps representative is the most interesting to me because the 1997-98 Stadium Club set did not have a Chrome parallel, I thought that started in 1998-99...(actually an insert, using the same design. Issued as a standalone set in 1999-00 which did parallel the entire base set and inserts). The Ultra card and Z-Force cards also also different from the standard issue, featuring gold foil. The basic Ultra card did not use foil for the '98 Greats wording, and the Z-Force basic issues featured multi-color foil, not solid gold. The UD card is the least impressive, in that there's nothing inherently different from the base card, although I have not checked to see if the image is different.