Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cards and more from my Lake George trip

From September 7th-18th, I was in Lake George, NY...the first true family vacation my family has had since 2012! It was pretty great, for the most part...except for the fact that my mom got pretty sick during the trip. My brother and I still found a lot of fun and adventure...and I am really, really sore right now. With my health problems, I'm truly surprised that I was able to do as much as I was able to. I reached my exhaustion point, and kept going...more than once.Now that I'm home, I'm having a little trouble getting up the stairs, or getting to the kitchen to make food, but it was worth it. While I am going to get to the cards, you'll be seeing some trip pictures first.

And pictures...whoo, did I take a bunch. During the 11 day trip, I took a grand total of 4,030 pictures and videos...that is my personal record for most pictures taken in a week's fact, I took more pictures during the trip than I did in all of the previous days in 2017 combined...and more than I took in all of 2015 (a year where health prevented even going to Lake George). I had set a soft goal for myself of hitting the 5000 photo marker in 2017. When we left, I was at #3669 so I knew I would probably get there...and then I blew it out of the water. As of right now, I've taken exactly 7700 pictures during 2017. (I label them in numerical order of taking...or I try to)

We went up in time for the Adirondack Nationals. The day of the show is my absolute favorite day of the year. It held true for 2017 as well. I had always wanted to shoot more than 1000 photos at a single car show...there's nothing else I really love enough to come anywhere close..but my previous record was around 850. I blew that number away, shooting 1533 photos during this year's Nationals!
My favorite car in the show- actually, on the street outside the show- was this 1959 El Camino. (They don't call me El Camino Billy for no reason!) I rarely pose next to a car, but I had to in this case, with the intent to make it my profile picture on Facebook, which I did that night.
2017 Adirondack Nationals on my Website

While we were there, I went to the Saratoga Automobile Museum for the first time since 2012! I used to be a member of the Museum- when we had a working car, and my health was somewhat better, we would go up to Lake George often. Now, it's down to about once a year, if that much, and I have not been there in so long. It's still great.
Here's a car from 1909. How often do you see something like this anymore?
2017 Saratoga Automobile Museum on my Website

This past Friday was a great day. My brother and I went to the Historical Society Museum, and then the real highlight of the trip.
Historical Society Museum

Then, for the first time in my life, we went up Prospect Mountain. That was INCREDIBLE! I will be doing this every year in the future, probably more than once a year. It was my favorite non-Car show part of the trip.
I had a hard time picking a picture to show, but I settled on this one, which shows Beach Road, Fort William Henry, and the Minnie Ha-Ha and Adirondac.
Prospect Mountain album

My brother and I played three rounds of Miniature Golf in one day. Mini golf used to be something I loved to do, but over the years as my health has deteriorated I have not been able to bend down to place or pick up the ball. When I mentioned that, my brother volunteered to do that for me, so we did it for the first time in years this year! And not only that, we did three courses in the same day!
First was Gooney Golf, which I had played but not since about 1997. I didn't remember it too much, but I did remember that the last time we did it my dad was there.
Next was Around the World Golf, which is pretty well known. It was rated as one of the top 5 courses in the world by Yahoo, and Top 10 by Travel Channel, and has been in existence since 1963...but we had never been there before. We had tried...but it was always too crowded. This time of the year...the town pretty much empties from Monday to Thursday, and we hit it on Thursday. For a time we were the only ones at the place. It was quite a challenge, and has two 18-hole sides. One Around the World, one Around the US. The US side may be the most challenging miniature golf course I've ever done!

Since I had never been there before, I photographed every hole. I didn't take to many overview shots though.

The reason we chose to go the time we did, was because Hemmings (the leader in car magazines) was holding their Concours d'Elegance in Lake George for the first time, exactly one week after the Adirondack Nationals. It was actually two separate shows- Friday was the Open show, where anything that paid the fee was allowed in. On Saturday was the Councours itself and that was spectacular!
Open show on my website   Concours d'Elegance on my website
The Open show was somewhat frustrating- there were a lot of people who knew I was aiming a camera, looked right at me...and then walked in front of me anyway. It was such a frustrating day that I was seriously thinking I would not be returning to the Concours after 2017.
On the other hand, how often do you see an El Camino parked next to a Hupmobile?
But the Concours...well...that was much, much better. It was pretty spectacular. I saw three brands of car I've never seen in person before- Heinkel, Walker, and Sayers & Scoville. I saw several cars that were the only one known to exist, one of which was the only one made, and I got to see a Tucker driving under it's own power...Tuckers are incredibly rare, but it wasn't the rarest car at the show...which is sort of mindblowing to this 30 years worth of car shows veteran.
Here's the Tucker:
And here is the Best of Show Winning 1914 Locomobile, the only one of 300 built of this style known to survive. (And owned by the 1960 Olympic Javelin champion to boot!) I actually stayed for the awards ceremony for this show- something I've never done before. Normally when I can't walk anymore, I leave. This time I sat in the grass and waited for the awards.
While at the Concours, I also met a Trading Card Database member for the first time, which was pretty cool! 

Of course, I also have an album of random pictures of the Lake, and other adventures from my trip. I never even mentioned that I saw fish swimming in the lake for the first time in my life, or that we explored a building from 1930 that is the grandest structure I've ever been in, or any of the boats, which I love.
Lake George 2017

But this a card blog! And I do collect cards...although LG has not been a hotbed for cards for many years.
The first night we were there, I went into the Target in Wilton (Saratoga) and got two packs of 2017-18 MVP, the first cards from my first full season of watching/collecting the NHL. For my two other sports, my second season was my favorite year for the sports...however, both of those were in the early to mid 1990s so they have a decided edge. I will be curious to see if the 2017-18 releases are my favorite season of hockey cards. The thing is, I won't know for years. Stay tuned to Cardboard History because since I realized it a while ago, I've been keeping my eye on it for my new sport.
My first card from the new season!

There has not been a card shop in town for many years, but a new one opened last year, called Live, Love, Laugh. It's not solely a card's more a Lake George culture shop with a section for cards. The last card shop in town closed in around 2003 or 2004...and incredibly enough, the new shop is in the exact same storefront as the last shop was! The previous shop was sports only, while like I mention, this one is not. Last year, I got two clear plastic cases of assorted NBA cards, and pulled some great stuff...each had an autograph, too. This year, I set my sights on getting more of them. Money was extremely tight this year, so I couldn't get all of them that he had- that was what I wanted to do originally- I could only get six of them, 4 NHL and 2 NBA. Even though most of the NBA example I opened were duplicates, that was to be expected really. I still do better in these cases with new card totals than I do in a 100 card Fairfield repack, for example, where I consider it a win if I get more than 5 new cards. Here, I got 19 new cards...including two Serially numbered and one jersey card! The NHL case I opened only yielded two duplicates, so that's pretty collection is starting to grow so duplicates are now to be expected. I don't mind though, because I don't have much of a hockey tradelist and I do need that as well. The case yielded 84 new NHL cards.
I opened the case showing Patrick Roy and Kobe Bryant, the two on the top left. Got some vintage packs, too! They were only 50 cents each. In retrospect I should have bought some more. I have not opened any of the OPC or UD set yet but I did one of the Bowman the night I got them.
Here are some highlights of the two cases I opened.

 Kenyon is one of my favorites so pulling this-from the only set of 2000-01 I did not do a box of- was a great experience.

 Don't think I have gotten a new card from this set since it was released. Forgot to check the listings to find out.
 Only my third card from the set.

 My first and second cards from this set.

 My first base card from this set- I had an autograph I got on COMC, which has not been posted yet.
 My first card from the set. Lenticular.
 Some pretty big star power in the case!

 Someone give Jagr a contract!

 Promo! I love promos.

 Newest card in the case. 2015-16 Select.

I didn't open these yet...
There are other players, teams and sports available, but again, I didn't have much money to spend.

I still have three NHL and one NBA case to open...I'm not sure when I will do them. Since it's a total mixture it takes a lot of effort to list them in my paper listings, excel charts and the Trading Card Database, just the two cases I opened have taken me about a day to document. Of course, considering how sore I am from the trip, it's not like I have much better to do, LOL. Live, Love, Laugh also has single cards, which is not something I get to shop through too often. Unfortunately for me, I couldn't afford the one I wanted most, a Henrik Lundqvist three color patch SN to 25. The price was $50, and I have a pretty strict $20 limit on most cards, so I had to let it go. Hope I don't regret that in the future. I only ended up buying one single, and that was this Jimmer Fredette autograph. Jimmer is from Glens Falls, which is a 5 minute car ride from Lake George, if that much. He didn't quite succeed in the NBA, but is a superstar in China. I've wanted to add his autograph to my collection, and now I did...practically in his hometown. Cool.

Non-sports cards in the Lake George region are pretty rare. There is one shop that has some, not in Lake George, but I'm going to be a little selfish here, and not say where I got them...because they have more that I want, and I'm hoping to add them to my own collection...just didn't have the money now. Like I said, it was very tight this year, every cent was accounted for...I only got four cards from this place, and one of them is from a set I don't recognize.
 1965 Donruss Spec Sheet
 Unknown- Hood ice cream promo
 1942 Wings Series C
1941 Wings Series B

Overall, it was a pretty great trip. I'm seriously sore and totally exhausted...I didn't even think I could physically do the things I did...but it was worth it. And these cases will keep me going for a while as well...hopefully if any of you look at my pictures, you will see why I love the Lake George area so much.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Serial Numbered and Relic Non-Sports

My love of Serially Numbered cards is by now well-known. But, for Non-Sports, I really don't have that many. I was only able to add 5 this time, and only one non-sport relic, so I am combining them into one post.

Love the Chrome parallels from the 2009 Heritage sets. Yes, plural. There were two, that both used the exact same designs, but had vastly different checklists. The Teddy Roosevelt comes from the Heroes Edition while Clara Bow is from the standard American Heritage set.
It would have been cool if Topps had used their designs for other sports- Topps has done NBA, NHL and NFL...but instead they couldn't get past baseball. Both Chrome parallels are SN1776. There are also Refractor parallels but they are pretty rare. I think they may have been SN76. I don't have any. I don't have many of the base cards from the set Teddy Roosevelt is from, and I don't have the non-Chrome version. I have the non-SP portion of the base set complete from the set Clara Bow is from. They finished with modern political short prints and I've never really chased them.

 Although very clearly a sports card, is was inserted into a non-sports set so counts towards that collection. I had previously had the autographed relic version, so adding this basic insert version, SN 112/500, is good.

I chose this next card for two reasons:
 It was serially numbered and a set not previously in my collection, what else did you think I was going to say? :)

Hard to see, but the red parallel is SN to 99.

 You all know by now I'm a comic fan...a DC Comics fan. But the Marvel movies, especially in the Avengers Series, are great as a general rule. The first Captain America movie, Avengers move and Thor movie are some of my all-time favorites. I didn't like the Civil War movie. I don't like it when heroes fight each other. But when I was looking to add a non-sport relic to my collection, there were very few that were cards that interested me. TV shows I would never watch, actors I had never heard of. But this one...yeah, this one stood out to me. It is my first EVER movie worn relic in my collection! While I may not have enjoyed this movie, I do enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Black Panther is going to be playing a bigger part very soon...his own solo movie comes out later this year. and he will be in the next Avengers movie. (His part was also the best part of the Civil War movie, to boot). It is also my first card from the set, which is a bonus.