Saturday, April 22, 2017

30 Day Challenge 21

The original topic was "a rookie you thought you were investing in". I don't invest. Investors are the enemy of true collectors. Investors don't care about what it is they are buying, as long as they can make a profit. They keep things from being in the hands of people who actually care about whatever it is they are buying, and they artificially inflate prices in a manipulation made only to make themselves feel better.


What I will do. however, is showcase a player that I thought was going to "make it" in the NBA, but instead never played a single game.
Rod Grizzard was highly touted coming up through college, he was somebody I heard a lot about as a can't miss prospect. He ended up slipping to the second round of the NBA draft, and was cut during preseason. He never played a single NBA game. He did have a professional career- in Singapore, Belgium, Australia, Israel and New Zealand. And for the USBL, which is an American league but so far off the radar they have never gotten any cards. Spent some time in the D-League too. His last year playing professional ball was 2011. I have absolutely no idea what he's doing now.

It would have been tough for him to make the Wizards, who drafted him, that year. The player starting in the same position he played? Michael Jordan. The rookie they chose to keep that year who played the same position was Jared Jeffries, who only got into 20 games that year. It still surprises me that he never got into the NBA. I don't usually hear this much about a player who doesn't make it, but there have been a few. The difference is that so many other people expected him to make it, he actually got cards...

Friday, April 21, 2017

30 Day Challenge 20: Favorite parallel concept

I'm heading to Wayne, New Jersey for the largest scale model car show in the world. While I will have internet access I will probably be too busy to post so the posts for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are being scheduled. By now I am well into the month of April without missing a day and I am hoping to keep that streak going. When I return I should finally have time to type up the three box breaks I've done since I started the 30 Day Challenge, but the Challenge is what you will be seeing for the next few days at least. 

My favorite parallel concept is a long-running one. My all-time favorite is the Refractor concept. Introduced by Topps in 1993-94, they are incredible. I've never met a Refractor I didn't like. Picking one to show here is a tough choice, because I have Refractors in my collection spanning about 20 years. So, when all else fails, I will show one of the oldest.
Refractors just look like they are glowing from the inside, they look great. The first set that had them, 1993-94 Finest, is some of the rarer ones. I only have 5 of the 220.
I just got the base card in trade last year, I wish I had scanned it so I could show what it looks like as well.
Here's a base card of one of his teammates.
Unfortunately some of the early Finest cards, the skin color of the player is turning whitish or greenish, with no real rhyme or reason for it to do so. At least this one is uniform. Not all are.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

30 Day Challenge 19: A favorite card from outside the USA

There's quite a few basketball cards in my collection from outside the USA, but I've shown a whole lot of basketball in this program. Let's expand the field a little, and go back to long before the first basketball card was ever issued.
As I've mentioned in the past, ancient history is one of my absolute favorite things to read about. There are very, very few cards that cover ancient history, and this is one of a very few in my collection. Hailing from 1912, this card is from the Player Egyptian Kings, Queens and Classical Deities set. It's my only card from the set, and I won it on ebay a couple years ago. It's not the first time I've shown this card on Cardboard History. At some point I'd like to get the rest of the cards in the set.

Player is from England.

I seriously considered one of the cards from the 1908 Wills European Royalty set, but with 55 of them, I would have a tough time choosing.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

30 Day Challenge 18: A player who became coach of my favorite team

The original challenge used the term manager, but in the NBA we have coaches. I don't know enough about hockey history yet to know which coaches are former players.

My favorite team is, of course, the Nets, and they have had former players as coaches on several occasions. The Nets actually had their all-time best player come back and coach, so today we see Jason Kidd.
He played for the Nets from 2001-02 (when this card was issued) through 2007-08, and he coached the Nets in 2013-14. He is currently coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. He does have a Nets coaching card, but it's an autograph and I don't have it. I've never even seen a scan of it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

30 Day Challenge 17: A card from the first set I put together by hand

This is yet another tough one for me, because I can't really remember which set was the first one I put together by hand. This is similar to post #3 but I took that one to be a set I tried and failed to finish, and this one to be a set I tried and succeeded on. Or at the very least a set I didn't cheat and buy a complete set of.

Most of my early set completions were sets that I bought, either as a factory set or as a set built by somebody else, or that I got as a gift from my family.

I think the first one that I actually finished the hard way- card by card, from packs- was 1997-98 Z-Force. I don't know when I exactly completed it but I was done with it by Christmas 1998. When I was doing it it seemed like a bit of a challenge, but I guess time passes differently when you are young. I know I actually completed series 1 twice over but I never completed a second copy of series 2. I was hoping to be able to trade them for something really good if I ever did, but I didn't. I'm not sure where my spare copy is now, but I know it's around somewhere.

Here's just a random card, #96, Lindsey Hunter. This was a set I loved when it was new but not so much anymore.
The cross-hatching pattern you see is my scanner not being able to properly scan the card. The name and Z are foil.

Monday, April 17, 2017

30 Day Challenge 16: A card of someone you appreciate but don't like

Another tough one. I like most people in sports. And the few I don't like, I don't appreciate either. If they have done something to get on my "dislike" list they have to have done something pretty bad. I don't randomly hate people because they were drafted by a team that isn't randomly in a geographical area in proximity to mine...I'm far too smart for that.

If I had the one and only card of John Calipari from his time with the Nets I would show that here, but it's not in my collection. Oh wait, I couldn't show it anyway because it has to be somebody I respect, but don't like.

So I think I will have to go with Kyle Busch.
 Why I don't like him: He complains a LOT. He's used his car as a weapon multiple times. (That's the big one). He races in just about every Busch and Truck race despite being a successful Cup driver. Nothing annoys me more than Cup drivers in the lower divisions. (For you baseball guys that would be like Babe Ruth playing in minor league ball to pad his stats and pocket book)

Why I respect him: He's a good father. He's one of the most talented drivers I've ever seen. He can do things with a race car most people wouldn't even try, let alone be able to accomplish. If he had a better personality, I'd be a big fan. I was a fan, a long time ago- back around 2000-2001, NASCAR literally made a rule to keep him out of the Truck series because he was so much better than everyone else- and he was only 15 at the time. He's a year younger than I am.

I have long suspected that part of his "bad boy persona" may be something NASCAR is pressuring him to do. Once Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed NASCAR didn't have anyone to be the "bad guy" and it seems to me like they may have pushed Busch to act that way. I sort of hope that's the case, but if it is, it's a pretty low thing for NASCAR to do. Just a couple of interviews he's done, a few things he's said, lead me to believe that.

I don't hate Kyle Busch, and he's not my least favorite driver in the sport- there are a couple I neither like nor respect- but I don't celebrate when he wins either.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

30 Day challenge 15: A favorite card of the 2010s

Happy Easter my friends. Hope it was good for you...It was for me. My family gave me two hobby boxes, including my first for the NHL. Stay tuned for a Box Break Review for each coming soon. I took advantage of the 80° weather and worked on models today. Luckily, I have a post from the 30 Day Challenge already written and ready to go...

Our current decade, while still in progress, I don't think will be looked back on with great fondness. Too many exclusive licenses, too many manipulated photos, too many small sets, too many players ignored by card companies.

However, the peripheral world of the hobby has certainly changed. Now, you have websites like the Trading Card Database, COMC, and the concept of card blogging, which to me all date to this decade. I know the Database is actually from the last decade, but I only discovered it in this one. I'm not sure when COMC was launched, and I have no idea when card blogging started. I don't know what the first card blog even was. I know I discovered them in either 2013 or early 2014, through the Database's blogroll. I began reading some, and I enjoyed it. I decided to start my own and in November 2014 Cardboard History was born. It's easier than ever before to get a card you want show up right in your mailbox, and while it's true that the concept also dates to the previous decade- maybe even the late 1990s- it was really perfected in the Teens. Yeah, I still think of the 19teens when I wrote that as well.

Now, it's hard to tell how this decade will be viewed in the future because we are still in it- things we love now because they are new might not be something we look back on fondly (as an example, I loved 2002-03 Fleer Box Score when it was new, and now I'm just kind of "meh" on it) and things we may overlook now might be viewed with great nostalgia in the future.

 But for me, the 2010s is going to be remembered as the decade I discovered the NHL. I was aware of what it was in the 1990s, but I didn't become a fan until 2016. In that time, it's become something I can't live without. It's already surpassed NASCAR as my #2 favorite sport. It went from something that I knew existed, but didn't really affect me, to becoming something that's an integral part of every single day of my life practically over night.

I've also spent the entire decade working on scanning my card collection. I began the process in 2009, but I've been working on extensively this entire decade, and I still have enough cards ahead of me that I don't expect to finish this decade either. It's going to be when the majority of my collection was scanned, and that's something that is pretty important to me.

However, with that said, I'm going to show a non-sport card today instead. You'd think I would show a hockey card, or an NBA card- I did get back into the NBA in 2012, righting a wrong I inflicted on myself in 2006, but I'm not. You may remember what I wrote about ships earlier in this 30 day challenge. Well, a piece of one of those wonderful ships outshines any sports card to me.
How anyone could not love this ship is beyond me. It's a thing of complicated beauty to me. And to have a piece of wood off it's deck? That's so amazing it's almost unbelievable! It says on the back that this wood was removed off the ship during it's 1972 replanking. This is basically something that would have been considered waste..but I consider it one of the greatest cards in my collection. I pulled it from a box of 2009 Topps Heritage Heroes Edition in 2012, and I consider it not only the best non-sports pull of my entire life, but in the top 5 all-time. It is my favorite non-sports card in my collection. I do wish they hadn't cropped it so tightly though, and more of the actual ship was visible on the card, but I'll take what I can get.

In case you are not aware of the USS Constitution, here's a very brief overview: During the American Revolution this was the latest and greatest in warship concept. She fought in the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Barbary War, and possibly the Civil War. She is still on the active roll of the US Navy but no longer actively fights. I could find out her entire history with a quick trip to Wikipedia but I want to finish writing these Challenge posts, I know if I do that I won't get any more writing done for the rest of the day! 🙂